~~> FAQ <~~

Where do you find these images?

Various sites. All kinds of sites. Other tumblogs. Anywhere & everywhere. Flickr is a favorite.

The submission link doesn’t work!/Can I has submission?

That’s because I only put it up when I’m too lazy to look for stuff myself. I put it back up on random days, so please stop telling me it doesn’t work & then send me a link.

You’ve posted my image without credit/Please take down my image.

If I’ve done so without proper credit or permission please email me(fyeyegasms@gmail.com). :)

Learn to use the queue function.

LOL! I do know how to use it. I post lots!

Who are you?

All anyone needs to know is that I’m Jill, 21, a girl who runs fuckyeaheyegasms, & non srs bsns.